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Dept. LUSSI-iSchool, Télécom Bretagne, CS 83818

Since September 2008: Associate Professor in Economics (HDR), IMT, Télécom Bretagne

September 2011-August 2012: on Sabbatical, at iSchool, Syracuse University, NY, USA (invited by Pr. Kevin Crowston)

March 2002-August 2008: M@rsouin, the federation of laboratories in human and social sciences working on ICT usage in Britain, 50 permanent researchers (Coordinator)

May 2001-February 2002: BNP-Paribas, Madrid, SpainFinancial AnalystCorporate Banking (VSN)


December 2013: HDR in Economics, Université de Rennes 1Director: Professor Thierry Pénard (CREM)
Jury: Brian Butler (University of Maryland, rapporteur), Patrick LLerena (Université de Strasbourg, rapporteur), Dominique Torre (CNRS, rapporteur), Edmond Baranes (Université de Montpellier), Godefroy Dang Nguyen (Télécom Bretagne)
November 2001: PhD in Economics, Université de Bretagne Occidentale
1997: Master in Telecommunication Engineering (Télécom Bretagne)
1995: BSc in mathematics (Université de Bretagne Occidentale)


In 2015: 167 TD equivalent-hours in face-to-face interaction, 128 TD equivalent-hours in other teaching activities, 44 TD equivalent-hours in coordination

Regular courses, Télécom Bretagne, master of engineering courses

Since 2000: Company Management and accounting, “Business Game”(tutorials)
Since 2011: Management and structure of the organizations
Since 2008: Innovation project (Group project), from the emergence of an innovative idea to the design of the product and service and the development of the business plan
2008-2009: Industrial economics

Responsibility of Courses and Programs.

Since 2009In charge of the Company Management and Accounting course and business game

Since September 2012: coordinator for Telecom Bretagne of the track “conseil et management des systèmes d’information” of the master “Économie et Conseil en TIC et E-business” (joint Master with University of Rennes 1)

Since September 2012: coordinator for Telecom Bretagne of the master “Information Systems Project Management and Consulting” (MSc program)

September 2012-June 2015: In charge of the Economics and Humain Sciences Domain at Telecom Bretagne1/5th of the Master of Engineering’s courses.

Research Activities

Publications listed on: the Télécom Bretagne Web site, citations on Google Scholar

My main research is in the traditions of the innovation economics, and more specifically of the knowledge economics (Foray 2004) and the industrial economics.

It focuses on the interactions between institutions and collective non-market production (like free software, Wikipedia): how the economics theory can explain their emergence, how these collectives impact industries (business models, organization of the work), how the participation of such institutions to the collective production impact their goal and organization.

Master and PhD supervision

Since October 2015: Director of Benjamin Agi’s PhD project “Diffusion de la confiance dans les institutions. Application à la cybersécurité” (Brittany council Grant)

Since October 2014: Director of Amira Rezgui’s PhD project: “Fonctionnement et leadership dans les équipes virtuelles. Le cas de Wikipédia” (Institut Mines Télécom & Brittany council Grant)

August 2013: Chairman of the Wikisym-Opensym 2013 Doctorial Symposium, Hong Kong


Since 2012: In charge of a research teamTeam “évaluation des dispositifs TIC” (ETIC, assessing IT use and performance) at Télécom Bretagne10 members

Since 2013: Member of the ICI research center board, representing Télécom Bretagne

Research Contracts

Oct 2014-Sep 2015: Bretagne council founded M@rsouin project “valuer Wikipédia”,Assessing the value of an online project: WikipédiaPI: Marine Le Gall-Ely Univ. Bretagne Occidentaleco-PI, coordinator for Telecom Bretagne
Oct 2011-Sep 2013: Bretagne council founded M@rsouin project “Adaupi” The digital cultural goods piracy practices PI: Thierry Pénard, Univ. Rennes 1co-PI, coordinator for Telecom Bretagne
Dec. 2008-Sep. 2012: ANR (French Science Foundation) content and interaction program, project “CCCP-Prosodie” Caractériser et Classer les Communautés de Pratiques: Participation et Rôles individuels, Organisation interne, Droit et Institutions Externes, €2M project, Coordinator (PI)


English: Fluent
Spanish: Good notions