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How worth is the access to Wikipedia?

Allowing the development of large collaborative knowledge-production projects, the Internet has renewed our vision of this type of production and the economics analysis of how information commons work. If a vast literature has studied contributor’s motivation to participate in such production of commons, reflections on universal access to these goods (being contributors or not), and the financing of this, are fewer, despite the fact that the induced costs are far from negligible (for example, about $21 millions to Wikipedia in 2014). The aim of this contribution is to provide a method for assessing the value attributed by users to access, by comparing two expressions of this value, willingness to pay and donation. This allows us to discuss their motivations to fund (e.g. whether there is or not warm glow), while highlighting the factors influencing the ‘crowding out’. This contribution refers to the literature on the financing of public goods excluding tax financing.
The full article is available here (in French).

Author: Nicolas JULLIEN

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